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CURATOR M Light Curing Unit Operating Instructions Version 04 1 Operating elements 2 Power switch ON-OFF 3 Female connector with Fuse ( on back side) 4 Charging drawer 16.03.2016 English 1. GENERAL This device is suitable for polymerizing light-curing dental materials like impres- sion trays, sealing varnishes and blockout materials. There is sufficient space in the curing chamber for up to 4 models. The combination of 2 UVA and 2 ultraviolet lamps arranged in semi-circle results in a homogenous polymerization light assuring a reliable and equal curing of the resins / dental material. 1.1 Thisoperationmanualallowsasafeandefficienthandlingofthisunit. The operation manual is part of the unit and has to be in close proximity of the unit and always accessible for the staff members. The staff members have to read and understand this manual before starting any work with this unit. The basis for safe working is the strict ob- servance of all mentioned safety information and directions in this manual. Beyond that the local accident prevention regulations and gen- eral safety regulations for the application field of the unit are in force. 1.2 Limitsofliability The manufacturer does not assume any liability for damages due to: • Disregard of the operation manual • Inappropriate use • Employment of unskilled staff members • Technical modifications • Use of non-licensed spare parts Technical alterations due to improvement and further development are subject to modifications. 1.3 Copyrightprotection This operation manual is copyright reserved. Transferring this manual for use to third parties, duplication in any way and manner – even in extracts – as well as use and/or transfer of the content are prohibited without the manufacturer’s permission in written except for internal use. 1.4 Spareparts False or faulty spare parts can affect safety and lead to damages. • Only use original spare parts of the manufacturer. 1.5 Warrantyregulations The relevant legal regulations are valid. 1.6 After-salesservice If you need further technical details, please do not hesitate to contact our service department. Moreover our staff members are always interested in new information and experiences resulting from using this unit and which may be valuable for improving our products. 1.7 Disposal For a proper disposal the device can be returned to the manufacturer. 2. SAFETY 2.1 Theoperator’sresponsibility The unit is exclusively used in the commercial field. Due to this fact the operator of the unit is subject to the legal obligations for safety at work. The operator has to make sure that all staff members using this unit have read and understood the operation manual. The unit needs to be used by trained and qualified personnel only. 2.2 Intendeduse This light curing unit is exclusively designed and constructed for curing polymerizing dental materials: You may choose curing times of 10 or 20 minutes or even a continuous operating time. 2.3 Safetyinstructions • When using UVA-/UV-lamps, the regulatory recommendations for application as well as labour protection regulations have to be considered. • The elements you wish to polymerize should always be inserted when the fluorescent lamps are off. • After about 1,000 operating hours, the lamps lose their luminous intensity, therefore the polymerizing times have to be increased. Kindly take this into consideration for your time selection or exchange the lamps. Attention!! Disconnect mains beforehand!! • For disposal the valid legal regulations for electronic waste have to be observed. 3. INCOMING CONTROL Please check the unit and accessories immediately after receipt for probable transport damages and defects. Warranty claims can only be enforced if the vendor or shipper is informed immediately. A damage report has to be elaborated immediately. 4. TECHNICAL DATA Mainssupply Max. power consumption Fuse of unit Spectral range Dimensions Polymerization chamber Number of lamps 5. INSTALLATION 230VAC 50HZ ±10% appr. 36 W mT 500 mA 350 – 500 nm 245 x 250 x 170 mm (WxDxH) 170 x 160 120 mm (WxDxH) 2 pcs. UVA-lamps (213-920-023) and 2 pcs. ultraviolet lamps (213-920-022) • Place the included UVA and ultraviolet lamps into the socket in the curing chamber of the unit (see below). # 9W / 71 (ultraviolet) # 9 W / 71 (ultraviolet) #9W/78 or #BL350 • The unit has to be put onto a stable horizontal basis in a dry surrounding. #9W/78 or #BL350 • When mounting the device keep at least a distance of 30 cm to easily inflammable materials like paper, etc. • The packaging can be disposed of with domestic waste. 6. OPERATING 6.1 Connectpowercordonfemaleconnector(3) 6.2 Placeworkpiecetobeprocessedontothechargingdrawer(4). 6.3 Turnontheunitbypressingthepowerswitch(2)atthebacksideoftheunit. 6.4 Operatingelements 5 Button Start / Stopp 6 Button Time for choise curing 7. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 7 LED curing time of 8 LED curing time of 9 LED curing time 10 minutes 20 minutes constantly 6.5 Choosecuringtimebypressingbutton„Time“(6). 6.6 Starttheunitbypressingbutton„Start/Stopp”(5).Whenchoosingcuringtimeof10or20minutes,theunitshutsoffautomatically. 6.7 Byre-pressingthebutton„Start/Stopp“(5)thecuringtimecanbeinterruptedatanytime. 6.8 Thecuringtimechosenatlast,isautomaticallysaved.

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Yderligere information

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