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UV-Box - NextDentTM LC-3DPrint

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V.1. 2015.08 NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box

NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box Instructions for use

User’s Instruction Manual


1.0 General cautions:

- Read this manual carefully before use.
- This machine should be used by professionals only. - The built-in safety mechanism should not be

removed or modified.
- Do not allow unauthorized persons to repair the

- Do not use this machine for any other kind of

material than NextDent 3D printing Materials.

1.1 Safety warning label information:

  • -  Do not touch live electric parts.

  • -  Turn off power source and disconnect

    power cable before installing or

    servicing the equipment.

  • -  Turn off the equipment when not in


  • -  Do not use worn and damaged cables.

  • -  Use only well maintained equipment.

  • -  Do not handle power cable with wet


  • -  Keep children away.

  • -  Always turn-off the machine before cleaning

    - do not open the lid, when machine is in use.

    - do not cover the fan at the back.
    - Only use the machine with NextDent

    3D printing Materials.

    - Do not touch the cover during operation (this cover warms up)

User’s Instruction Manual

2.0 Check the package contents:

- NextDent LC-3D Print Box
- AC Power cable
- 6pcs of 18W lamps-71color - 6pcs of 18W lamps-78 color - Inside metal grid

- Users Instruction Manual - Electric diagram
- Declaration of conformity - Warranty conditions

2.1 Prepare the area where the NextDent LC-3D Print BOX will stand:

- The surface should be flat and dust free.
- Make sure there is enough space on all sides.

2.2 Steps for installation:

- Connect all the lamps (12pcs) to all the lamp sockets which are placed in the cover and the chamber.

- Connect the power cable to the power socket.


V.1. 2015.08

NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box

3.0 Description of the backside of the machine

3.1 Fan

The machine is equipped with a fan on the back to cool down the inside and maintain
the proper temperature inside the machine.

Fan operates when the machine is in use.
-The fan will continue cooling for 10 minutes if

the machine was running longer than 10 minutes -Fan operates in case the temperature inside

the machine is over 33 °C.

  1. 3.2  AC power cable

  2. 3.3  Identification label

  3. 3.4  Fuse Box and AC power cable socket

User’s Instruction Manual

4.0 Description of the front panel

4.1 Description of function keys

4.2 Description of the inside



- Increasing button

Button for increasing operation time


- Decreasing button

Button for decreasing the operation time


- Start/Stop button

Start/Stop button for starting and stopping operation.

- Program button

Program button for choosing the pre-set programs.

(pre-set programs are:0,10,20 and 30min)

V.1. 2015.08 NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box

Chamber Inside

- Cover Locking Sensor : sensor for openign and closing. The machine does not work when opened.

- Temperature Sensor :In case the temperature inside the chamber reaches over 45°C, the machine stops automatically and Err 1 will appear on the display.

- Rubber O-ring
- lamp holding clamp - Reflection plate
- lamp Socket

- metal grid with handles

When replacing the lamps, always disconnect the power cable, or switch off the machine.

Do not open the cover when the machine is switched on.

5.0 Operating NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box

User’s Instruction Manual

- lamp holding clamp - Reflection plate
- lamp Socket
- rubber O-ring


Cover Inside

Printing Model Tray

V.1. 2015.08


5.1 Starting mode

- Press the power switch (green button ) on the right side.

- When switching on the machine,the version information message (version:V102) will appear

on the display.

- After two seconds,the last operation time will appear on the display.

5.2 Operation Mode

- When the last operation time has appeared on the display, the user can choose a preset time by

holding the program button. Or the user can increase or decrease the operation time by pressing the increase or decrease button.

- A user can start the machine by pressing the start/stop button.the time will count down and the

dots will be blinking. (By pressing the start/stop button, the operation time will be memorized automatically.)
- A user can stop the machine by pressing the

start/stop button again.

User’s Instruction Manual

- After the operation time, the message-"End" will be displayed automatically. At the same time,the

machine beeps 9 times.

6.0 Error message

Error message by automatic self-checking function druing the operation.

- The error message-"OPEN" will appear on the display when an user opens the cover during operation. At the same time, the machine beeps

three times.

- In case the temperature inside the machine reaches over 45°C, the machine stops automatically and Err 1 will appear on the display.

- when there is a problem with the temperature sensor, the machine stops automatically and Err 2 will appear on the display. (contact distributor)

V.1. 2015.08 NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box

7.0 Specification

  1. Related voltage: 230VA, 50/60Hz, 1.26A

  2. Power consumption: 290W

  3. Fuse: T2.0A, AC250V

  4. Dimension:W410XD440XH380

  5. Weight: 22Kg

8.0 Manufacturer Information

Vertex-Dental B.V.
Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62 3705 HJ ZEIST
The Netherlands
T: +31 (030) 697 67 49
F: +31 (030) 695 51 88
E: info@vertex-dental.com W: www.vertex-dental.com

Please note that electrical/electronic units must be disposed off separately. Do not dispose with household waste. The black bar on the "garbage bin" symbol indicates that the unit was put into circulation after August 13, 2005. Please note that the unit is subject to regulation 2002/96/EC (WEEE) and applicable following national laws and must be disposed off accordingly. Please contact your dealer if the unit needs to be disposed off.

User’s Instruction Manual


This machine has been developed for use in a 3D printing environment. Liability cannot be accepted for damage resulting from misuse or failure to observe the instructions. Modifications and misprints with reservation.

V.1. 2015.08 NextDentTM LC-3DPrint Box 

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