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Pirate Black - 3DE Premium Ceramic 500g - 1.75mm

The basic printing characteristics of 3DE Ceramic is alot like what you get from PLA – This means that it is 100% compatible with existing extrusion-based (FDM/FFF) 3D printers and extremely easy to work with. 

Typical printing conditions: 

  • Nozzle temperature: 190-195C hotend
  • Build surface: adheres well to common build surfaces including the blue tape, SpiderSheet, polyimide/Kapton tape, etc. 
  • Heated bed: not required, but can be set to 60-70 ˚C for better adhesive.
  • Layer adhesion and warping resistance: similar to PLA; you can easily print large parts without warping and/or delamination.  
  • Odor: minimal (barely noticeable)

Mechanical/thermal properties of PolySmooth (based on 3D printed parts with 100% infill): 

  • Tensile strength: 40-45 MPa (compared to 30-40 MPa for PLA/ABS)
  • IZOD Impact Strength: 15-18 kJ/m^2 (compared to 2-3 kJ/m^2 for PLA and 5-15 kJ/m^2 for ABS)
  • Softening Temperature: ~ 70 C (compared to 55-60 C for PLA and 90-95 C for ABS)


500g material on the spool

199,95 kr 159,96 kr

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  • 3D print your part with 3DE Ceramic, just like what you normally do with PLA; 
  • Dip your printed object in IPA (70-90%+)(SPRIT)
  • Repeat untill you like the polished finish
  • Now go tell your friends :-)


  • Isopropyl alcohol (also known as isopropanol) 
  • Ethanol

IPA with no less than 70% (90% or higher recommended).  You can choose whatever is more easily available for you.  

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