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Nude Skin Color - 3DE Premium PLA - 2.85mm - Limited Edition

  • Prints around 195-205C
  • Heatbed not required - 60C if possible

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    3DE Premium PLA is a very good everyday PLA 3dprint material. It is a non-toxic filament and has no unpleasant smell while being printed. The spool is black and simple – a simple clean design!

    Polyactic Acid (PLA) is a bio-degradable polymer which is produced from lactic acid – it’s made from corn or other ecofriendly biomaterial. 3DE Premium will print good between 190C-210C and is an easy PLA to print.

    It can be printed with a cold bed but we recommend around 45-60C on the bed to ensure a good first layer bonding. We recommend 3DE Premium for all kind of jobs – you will often see that the new 3DE Premium will do much better than other materials – this is because we use a new formular mix in the production which means that the strenght of the filament and final print is much higher than many other PLA filaments.

    You can use the 3DE Premium on acrylic, glass, alu, PEI sheet, PC sheet, Kapton, 3M Tape and many other materials – with or without glue or other adhesive spray glue.

    All the 3DE Premium spools is packed with 1kg material and weighs around 1.4kg in total (with spool). All spools are vacuum packed with silica gel to aviod moister which is a killer for all filaments.

    3DE Premium comes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm to ensure that all normal types of 3dprinters can use our filament.

    We ensure a perfect roundness and tight diameter control of the filament – this will ensure that you will recieve a good quality filament for your 3dprinter. 3DE Premium is the best selling 3dprinter filament in our store.

    We are known all over the world for our low price and high quality. We recommend 3DE Premium because;

    * Very easy to print – even at a low temperature.

    * A low warping filament

    * It’s eco-friendly

    * No unpleasant smells or particles





    DIAMETER 1.75 mm / 2.85mm

    TOLERANCE ± 0.05 mm


    PRINT TEMPERATURE: 190°C - 210°C


    SPOOL SIZE: 200 mm x 55 mm


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