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Weistek Speed - DEMO

DEMO maksine - fungeret som demo printer i butik, har kørt omkring 5kg plast. 


MATERIALER - Everything! Max. build size 150 x 150 x 140 mm

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What’s in the Box? Weistek Ideawerk toolsThe Ideawerk Speed comes fully assembled and ready to print out of the box. The package includes the necessary cables, accessory tools to scrape parts off the print bed and clean them up afterwards, a spool of ‘high-speed’ filament (Likely a marketing term with no difference to regular filaments on the market), and a USB drive preloaded with the printer’s manual and software. The Ideawerk is a compact 298 x 221 x 403 mm (11.7 x 8.7 x 15.8 in) overall and only weighs 7.7 kg (17lbs). The print volume is a small yet reasonable 150 x 150 x 140 mm (6 x 6 x 5.5 in). The entire body is made with metal and all of the motors are enclosed, giving the Weistek Ideawerk a clean, elegant look while also serving to dampen the printer noise to only 44dB. The Speed By far the most advertised and impressive feature of this printer is its print speed. At a whopping 450 mm/s, the Ideawerk is five times faster than most consumer desktop printers on the market today, and about three times faster than the Ultimaker that previously held the title for fastest printer. The speed does come at a cost, however. The printer can only manage layer heights between .18 to .4 mm (180 to 400 microns).The finishing tools that come packaged with the printer also suggest that Weistek expects the print to need cleaning up afterwards. Weistek also suggests that prints be done at .2 mm (200 microns) for best results, a fairly good resolution depending on the plastic used. The high speed also seems to only be achievable with PLA based on the advertising materials due to its lower melting temperature. Other Features Weistek Ideawerk touchscreenThe Ideawerk is capable of printing several plastic filaments including PLA, ABS, nylon, HIPS, wood filaments, flexible PLA, PVA, and more. This suggests that the printer can reach over 260C, however the official temperature has not been released. The heated bed can reach a respectable 100C, enough to support printing of any of the plastics mentioned above. The bed moves in both the Y and Z directions, which is not unheard of but different from most printers where the extruder moves in two dimensions and the bed only moves in one. The Ideawerk comes with a 3.2″ full color touchscreen to interface with in either English or Chinese. There does not appear to be any SD card capability however the USB drive that it comes with can be plugged into the printer, suggesting that the printer does have the ability to print without a PC (using STLs or Fcode) using the USB stick instead of an SD card. The software included with the printer is MyMiniFactory however it can work with other software if the user prefers.
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